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Our social workers welcome all students registered in a higher education institution (public or private) and insured under the French social security system. They are bound by professional secrecy and help you deal with all difficulties you may encounter and look for solutions with you. Their main missions include:

  • Informing you about student life formalities (budget, grants, accommodation, social legislation, access to your rights, services, medical matter, work).
  • Redirecting you to appropriate services.
  • Interacting with all services in charge of student life, as well as with all other public and private organizations.
  • Helping you with your administrative procedures (grant applications, accommodation, social security, CAF, etc.)
  • Taking care of financial assistance requests through the FNAU (National Fund of Emergency Aid), legacies and foundation scholarships.

Therefore, their actions contribute to helping with the improvement of the students’ living and work conditions. List of social workers services by Crous



Our social workers welcome students with disabilities with the aim of providing them with all information and help needed to organize their everyday life and progress in their studies.

Our social workers intervene according to your specific needs of individual arrangements in the Crous accommodations. They work in partnership with the “Mission Handicap” representatives in your university, the MDPH (Regional House for Disabled People), the preventive medicine services and specialized institutions.Please check terms and conditions with your Crous.




All university services offer free health checks for undergraduates and other students. Make sure you reply to the invitations you receive or make an appointment to carry out your health check.

WARNING Once in France, you must register with the French Social Security system.Y ou may register online via the AMELI website

Since the Social Security system does not cover 100% of your expenses, we highly recommend taking up a complementary student insurance for a full coverage. A lot of students forget to do it, and then face health expenses beyond their budget!

More information about these organizations HERE.



The preventive health service of your university is a free medical service and is accessible to all university students. The missions of the medical and paramedical teams include offering a free medical check-up, listening to your health problems, making certain vaccinations, bringing a psychological support in association with psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. You may also get a free appointment with experts such as nutritionists, smoking cessation specialists, gynaecologists…
More information on your host university website 

You may also ask to meet a social worker from your Crous 



Nightline Paris is a 24-hour crisis line aimed at students and run by students.You may also find support in case of discrimination or in case of gender cased or sexual abuse 

More information on etudiant.gouv 
Each Crous also has its own support service run by social workers. Make an appointment


Warning: newcomers subject to visa regulations must prove that their budget can cover a one-year stay. The Crous social services will evaluate difficulties accordingly.

The aim of this assistance is to make sure you can carry on your studies despite a serious situation that may arise during the academic year. A social worker will assess your situation.

In order to apply for this help you must be a student following basic training.

Examination of applications: the student’s file is presented anonymously to the committee chaired by the director general of the Crous. If necessary, a preliminary interview may be organized between the applicant and a Crous social worker. This interview enables the assessment of the student’s overall situation, focused on their academic history and the difficulties they encounter.

The committee issues a notice of allocation or non-allocation of specific aid, which is then submitted to the director general for validation.

Please contact the social service of your Crous to make an appointment on the dedicated APP.

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