Scholarships students from the French Government may have a complete meal for 1€ only in Crous Resto’U

Since September 1, 2020, scholarship students from the French Government may now benefit from the € 1 meal in the restaurants and cafeterias of Les Crous.

For all other students, it will cost 3.30€ for a meal.
To benefit from this pricing, the student must activate his Izly account on
The scholarship holder status is then automatically detected during checkout.

It’s simple: the account is activated, the account is credited and Izly must then be systematically used to benefit from this rate.
The email containing the link to activate the Izly account is automatically sent to any student who has paid the CVEC (email sent in priority to the messaging system used when registering for, otherwise on that of the educational institution).

After creating the account, there are two ways to pay: payment by Izly card or using a mobile.

If the student benefit from a contactless multiservice card, the Izly account is then automatically loaded onto the student’s card, who can then use it as a contactless payment method in the restaurants and cafeterias of the Crous.

If the student does not have a contactless multiservice card, he/she can
– either download the Izly mobile application, connect via his account, then generate a QR payment code that he/she must present at the checkout
– either go to the counter of a university canteen/ Resto’U to request an Izly card to which the account will be connected, and which will then allow him to use it as a contactless payment method

Izly information desks are set up by each CROUS to facilitate the procedures.

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