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Contacts of Crous services, the international reception unit 


Crous staff are dedicated to welcoming international students, whether they are Campus France scholarship recipients, in formal university or individual exchanges

Welcome desk

Have you just arrived and need help? In order to facilitate your arrival, the city, the universities and all the services you need, as well as the Crous, set up a multi-service platform from September

Led by a multilingual team, the device allows foreign newcomers to carry out all their administrative procedures: request for a residence permit and temporary residence permit (APS) at the Prefecture de Police, medical examination and / or validation of the long-stay visa with the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII), request for housing allowance with the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations familiales), student social security office (CPAM, Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie, complementary health insurance: LMDE and SMEREP), Employment desk, issuance of transport tickets…

Reception desks in residences and other places of student life
The Crous welcomes you also in different sites and residences.

To accompany you

The Crous welcome you in a personalized way, either on arrival or to help you integrate into national student life.
Personalized Support
Pick-up service at the train station or airport

In your Crous

Help with administrative procedures
Support against isolation
See in

Crous have social services that care about the psychological and social well-being of international students

Some Crous employ students and volunteers of the civic service to ensure the first reception of the new arrivals and the accompaniment during the stay as tutors.


Almost 25% of the housing in the crous is allocated to foreign students, primarily for students whose mobility is supervised.
Each Crous has implemented housing procedures.

General information

Some university residences have accessibility housing to accommodate students with physical and / or sensory disabilities.

How do I apply for accommodation to accessibility standards ?
A student with a motor and / or sensory disability who wishes to apply for accommodation within the CROUS’s structures can apply for accommodation under the accessibility standards via the form

Manage the emergency: temporary accommodation on arrival.
Some Crous have set up some accommodation for a few days and a maximum of one month, which allow students to settle administrative formalities and find accommodation for the long term.

Welcome and integration events and news

The Crous welcome international students upon arrival and throughout the year with cultural events and meetings between students of all nationalities
Valorization of the foreign Cultures
Actions with residents and local partners: Faim d’échanges, NEM

Nuit des étudiants du Monde
For 17 years, the Night of Students of the World has been organized by cities, in collaboration with CROUS and the international relations services of higher education establishments.
25 cities of France from September to November, in its own way welcomes international students: games, concerts, shows…

Welcoming, accompanying and guiding international students are our main objectives.

To allow successful integration into the place of study and into daily life, a wide variety of activities is offered to students each year: pancake evening, cheese tasting, dance evenings, intercultural workshops, etc.

Faim d’échanges

Information on our events is published on the Crous Facebook page and posters are hung in the residences.

Brochures and local guides

Multilingual welcome booklets are available to international students to facilitate their information before their departure and upon arrival.

!insertion des brochures et livrets dans toutes les langues (version pdf light)!

 Find all information about the cities reception services in France

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