Each Crous has its own cultural service.
You can contact them to set up some artistic and associative projects and participate in artistic creation contests.


The Crous have a diversity of equipment for cultural activities. Identify the room best suited to your needs, depending on its geographic location, its type of programming, its gauge or other technical characteristics!

Some examples…
The Trioletto in Montpellier
With a capacity of 230 seats in the stands, the Trioletto hosts a rich and varied program focused on young creation and student creation.

Le Hublot in Nancy
Located in Resto’U de Monbois. Students can discover a program of concerts and theater at the Hublot in this space with a capacity of 300 spectators. The Hublot cultural season may interest everyone who can discover various artists.

Crous de Paris art gallery
The Crous Art Gallery in Paris promotes young artists, most of them students or recent graduates, who wish to confront their work with criticism. It welcomes new artists every two weeks, in a large space spread over two levels.

Salle des Frères Lumière in Clermont-Ferrand
The Salle des Frères Lumière located in the heart of the Dolet residence offers film projections throughout the year, as well as conferences and theater shows.

« CULTURE-ACTIONS »: supporting student initiatives

The Crous help student projects through a national plan called “Culture-ActionS” in order to encourage student initiatives. It is dedicated to enhancing projects that aim at sharing and passing on knowledge in various fields, such as cultural events, commitment and solidarity, artistic creation, scientific and technical projects.

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Every year, all Crous organize several art contests in order to value students’ creative works.

A regional jury selects the best works, which then compete at a national level and receive prizes. There are seven categories: photography, short stories, comics, short films (all under one theme that changes every year) as well as music, dance and drama.


Photography, short stories, comics, short films (all under one theme that changes every year) as well as music, dance and theater: 7 areas in which you can express your talent and make unique experiences: participation in the Avignon festival, exhibition as part of the Angoulême international comic book festival or participation in the Clermont Ferrand short film festival

> See the laureates and student works awarded in 2017 and 2018 and apply for 2020

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The Crous are committed to encouraging access to art and culture through the organization of events and activities, all of which are free of charge for students.

These include concerts, language, art or craft workshops, as well as sports classes.


There a lot of options for students to practice sports, whether purely for recreation, as a complementary element to your curriculum or by getting involved in university competitions.

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Un bus pour un campus

Surfing, windsurfing, diving, tennis, catamaran … Are you a grant holder?Find out more for summer sports trips offers here (French version). You can also sponsor a non-scholarship student!
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Depart 18-25 for 18 – 25 years old people ! Help to go on vacation

Departure 18 -25 years old is a vacation assistance program dedicated to young people aged 18 to 25. It is sponsored by the A.N.C.V
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Bed & Crous

Book in one of our university residences, a room or a studio, and discover a new way of renting, for a few days, with Les Crous.
Reserved in priority for scholarship students, university rooms and studios can be vacated during the year.
You are a French or foreign student, higher education staff (researcher, teacher-researcher and administrative staff) and you are looking for punctual accommodation for one night, for 15 days or more.
See here and Bed & Crous (in French version)  

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