Crous Resto’: low prices, high quality

A wide range of catering options are available including sit-down lunches, takeaway food or snacks between lectures, close to your place of study. The meals are varied and you can choose from various set menus. There are also brasseries, crêperies and salad bars. You can just buy a yoghurt or a dessert, for breakfast or as a snack. Crous Resto’ also feature:

  • Themed weeks to discover local or foreign specialties, on a culinary world tour,
  • Events such as Week of Taste, Gastronomy Festival, Chinese New Year, and tastings organized with our partners.
  • Green Monday: every Monday, Crous Resto’ prepares vegetarian meals only. Delicious!

And don’t forget: the Resto’U and all the catering outlets managed by the CROUS are accessible to all students, not just grant holders. A full meal costs only €3.30!

More information on the etudiant.gouv website : how to eat well!

The student card given by your host university holds Izly, the e-payment solution, valid in all Crous Resto’ and on all campuses.
To get access to CROUS Resto’ U, open your Izly account (in French):
Don’t forget to create your account online.

Opening your Izly access and activate your account: 

Go to the Izly website and get your temporary password sent to you via email. Accessing your account will only take a few steps.To take full advantage of all Izly services, download the mobile app

Paying for your meal at the Crous Resto’

With your mobile phone, open your application and press the « Pay » option. This will generate a QR code that you just need to present to your checkout operator for scanning.
You can also use your contactless student card.

Various options on offer

In the catering field, the Crous undertake numerous investments to welcome students in the existing structures.

From the well-balanced meal (starter, dish and dessert) at a social price to the new set menus of fast food at low prices offered in cafeterias, the CROUS combine dietary balance, a variety of set menus to meet the evolution of tastes and food practices at the best price.


Nowadays, university restaurants have become a genuine hub of student life, where good food and conviviality meet in harmony.

The Crous are also involved in prevention campaigns on a national scale to raise awareness on food balance, health and wellness, as well as sustainable development.

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