Covid 19 – Les Crous engaged in the national solidarity effort

Publié le 21 avril 2020

Since the start of the fight against Covid-19, Les Crous have been moving to ensure the continuity of their public service mission toward students while guaranteeing the protection of their staff. The mobilization of all Crous workers, animated by their public service mission, is exceptional, in the field with the 58,000 students confined to our residences, as in telework to ensure the maintenance of social action (especially payment of scholarships and emergency aids) and to fight against the isolation of students.
But the momentum of listening and attention towards others that characterizes the Crous is not limited to that. It is indeed quite naturally that the Crous have committed themselves, in the effort of national solidarity and this on all fronts.

With regard to health workers and structures

Some Crous have provided healthcare staff with accommodation when they can do it. The Crous of Nantes Pays de Loire has been hosting 50 externs from Le Mans hospital center since March 18. The Crous of Paris has made 20 flats available to the APHP (Paris hospitals Agency). The Montpellier-Occitanie Crous does the same for the University hospital Center. The Crous de Versailles has recently housed nurses, doctors and psychologists in Orsay.
Le Crous de La Réunion provides 75 accommodation at the University hospital Center (CHU) for the care of requisitioned health students.
Finally, the Crous have multiplied food donations to the personnel mobilized daily in the fight against the coronavirus with the University hospital Center of Reims or the Charleville-Mézières hospital for example, with certain local sections of the Red Cross as in Corsica and sometimes fire stations like in Grenoble. This Crous also offered its services to make meal trays for the hospital.
It is quite natural that the Crous took care to provide health establishments with the protective equipment necessary for the continuity of care, whether it be FFP2 masks as working clothes and accessories usable in catering activities (surgical masks, mobcaps, over-coats, etc.). The Crous de Lille, for example, supplied the city’s CHU with equipment, 10,000 masks were provided by the Crous de Créteil to the CHU Henri Mondor, the Crous from Amiens Picardie, from Rennes – Brittany did the same…. And the Crous de Corse has, for example, supplied bags for medical waste.

With regard to students, associations fighting against food insecurity or even vulnerable populations

The Crous also ensured, within the framework of the closure of catering structures, to ensure the distribution of foodstuffs directly to students but also more widely to associations fighting against food insecurity and food banks. There are countless initiatives in this direction in Aix-Marseille, Bordeaux, Lorraine, Strasbourg or even Montpellier. After having donated its stocks, the Crous de Versailles, for example, called on the generosity of its suppliers.
Support for the frail is not forgotten. Thus, the Crous of Grenoble-Alpes lent technical equipment for the room service of a dependent elderly nursing home (Ehpad) in Valence, just like the Crous of Poitiers, for a Ehpad in the city, the latter needing meal trays for its residents. The Crous de Lyon supplied gloves, mobcaps and overshoes to the Villeurbanne Ehpad. The Crous de Créteil also delivered the communal center for social action in Bobigny.
Finally, the Crous took care to relay to the students all the initiatives launched recently to promote the performance of public engagement missions, in particular in the service of the most precarious, like the « civic reserve » launched by the Ministers Jean -Michel Blanquer and Gabriel Attal.
Such a momentum of solidarity could not have been achieved without the mobilization of all the Crous workers, at work to ensure the accommodation of nursing staff as well as the distribution, packaging and transport of food and equipment.

Press Contact: Cnous, Pascale Koller

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