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  • The Crous is a regional Center for Student Affairs
  • Despite the coronavirus, France continues to welcome international students and researchers.
  • French-German photo competition. Candidate online before April 16th 2021
  • 2 repas à 1 euro rect
  • Tools and services
  • Each Monday, Crous Resto’ propose vegetarian meal!
  • Faim d’échanges: when a foreign student is invited to have a lunch in a french family, that’s Crous welcome!


The etudiant.gouv.fr website provides information and support to students. It also allows access to messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr, a space dedicated to administrative services and processes. This includes grant and/or accommodation applications, booking appointments with the Crous or university, ticketing for cultural events, etc.

JOBAVIZ is a platform dedicated to student jobs allowing students to search for job offers which are compatible with their studies for free.

LOKAVIZ is the student accommodation platform allowing students to consult ads for private accommodation or university residences for free.

BED&CROUS allows students and Higher Education staff members to reserve accommodation for a short stay.

IZLY BY CROUS is an on-campus contactless payment system. Easy, fast and safe, Izly simplifies the process at the till via a mobile appor multiservice student card.

CROUS MOBILE is a mobile app allowing students to see the menus and opening hours of the university restaurants closest to their school,college or university.

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